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Our Limitless Assistance to Varying Loan Processing Needs


We help lenders streamline loan processing and improve customer interactions with efficient and personalized service.


We assist lenders review loans within minutes, and underwrite within hours while being cost-efficient to offer the best rates to brokers.


Correspondent lenders can focus on grabbing market share while we mitigate their risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and enable timely purchase of loans.

Steering Mortgage Process Optimization with Automation-powered Techniques

Get turnkey solutions for originating and processing qualified and non-qualified mortgages with our custom mortgage support services. Drawing from an industry experience of 12+ years assisting mortgage lenders, brokers, credit unions and banks, we help you maximize your loan processing capacity. Our team streamlines operating models, minimizes costs, and manages risks more efficiently by combining deep domain expertise with advanced automation technologies. The result? Shorter cycle times and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Supporting a wide array of processes across the mortgage value chain, we help you with everything from origination to securitization and everything in between. Our assistance does not stop at that. We also provide business intelligence to draw risk management strategies while staying compliant.

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The Flatworld Mortgage Advantage

Our clients leverage our services to avail a host of benefits. These include

Tech Savvy and Experienced Mortgage Processors
AI, ML and RPA based Automation to Reduce Manual Effort
24x7 operations from US, India and the Philippines global delivery centers
At Least 30% Increase in Efficiency with Up To 50% Reduction in Costs
Shorter Closing time Enhances Pull Through Rates
Complete Understanding of Compliance Requirements / Up-to-Date Knowledge of Regulatory Changes
Real-time Oversight of Processes to identify and flag anything out of the norm
Guaranteed Increase in Accuracy – Up To 99% by Implementing Quality Audits

Why We Guarantee Efficient, Economical, and
Effective Mortgage Solutions:

Global Delivery Models

We operate 24x7 from the US, India and Philippines to guarantee maximum scalability, ensure faster response to changing requirements, execute intelligent workload distribution and minimize operational costs.

End-to-End Quality Audits

We make loans compliant and credit worthy by incorporating quality audits throughout the lending process. This way we ensure data is accurate and complete enough for the next process to take place.

Parallel Processing

We design workflows that allow parallel processing of multiple tasks ensuring reduced closing time. We have re-engineered traditional processes to gain efficiency and scalability.

Advanced-Process Centric Technologies

We bank on our in-house process automation tool MSuite to streamline high-volume time-consuming mortgage back-office tasks, thus helping you meet the efficiency needed to close loans faster.

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