Mortgage Pre-Closing and Closing Services

Flatworld Mortgage has extensive experience in providing pre-closing and closing services to mortgage lenders and credit unions. We specialize in covering all the stages of the mortgage pre-closing and closing process to ensure all closing documents required to close mortgage loans is complete and accurate. In case of discrepancies we do necessary follow-ups and get them corrected in the shortest possible time. We bank on an experienced team of closing experts, and well-established processes to make mortgage closing smooth and efficient.

Our Comprehensive Pre-Closing and Closing Services

Our Pre-closing services

Pre-Closing Audit

Our agents work with you to verify the purchase offer, loan estimate, escrow statements, closing disclosure, mandatory documents, promissory notes, and more. Each of these verifications is done with multi-tier review.

Fee Sheet Collection and Review

We connect with the banks to obtain the fee sheet that has the approved amount, closing costs, down payments, interest rates, payment schedule, closing costs, and more. We review the fee sheet to ensure all information contained is correct and initiate term revision if need be.

Loan Disclosure Form Preparation

We assist lenders in preparing all details associated with disclosure forms in keeping with federal guidelines. We ensure that the information is accurate and complete so that loan processing can be completed without any hitches.

HUD settlement preparation

We prepare the HUD statement with speed and accuracy. After readying it we review it meticulously as it is a complex process that relies on agreement from lenders, attorneys, and other parties before the closing process can be initiated.

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Closing Support Services

Collect Mortgage Closing Documents

In this stage we collate all the documents needed for closing the loan and review them for accuracy. These include appraisal reports, flood certificate, title reports, mortgage insurance, etc.

Review Closing Documents

After collecting documents, we review them for consistency. We review all open conditions and ensure all underwriting conditions are signed off on. This includes adding closing and funding conditions as required

Prepare and Dispatch Closing Instructions

After checking and verifying the closing documents, we work on the closing instructions statement. We send these instructions to the finance team along with wiring bank notes, instructions, and E&O insurance.

Assess Tax & Fees of Settlement Company

We also assist lenders in carrying out all paperwork with settlement agents, escrow company, and attorneys. We specialize in assessing tax and fees, checking the reconveyance deed and the note, and take up issues with the settlement agents.

Know our Closing Professionals

Our closing process is driven by experts with wide experience in handling US mortgage loans. All our loan closers possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in mortgage lending, and are familiar with loan processing, closing, and origination process. They have thorough knowledge of investor requirements which is why they audit closing documents based on audit procedures. We bank on their expertise to guarantee quality closing packages to our clients and ensure they are delivered on time as determined by our service level agreements.