Retail Lending Solution

We streamline retail back office processes with out-of-the-box thinking, cutting edge technology, and best practices to help you achieve desired results within expected timelines. Our experience in supporting diverse retail lending requirements of banks, credit unions, and lenders gives us an instinctive understanding of ways to improve workflow efficiency and create better adaptation to an ever-changing business environment.

Our End-to-End Retail Lending Services

Disclosure Support

As a lender you are obligated to provide the right estimate and terms to borrowers. We ensure this on your behalf by reviewing disclosure forms for accuracy and completeness. Our services include:

  • Prepare and review Loan Estimate
  • Sending disclosures via e-sign (Docutech, doc-magic etc.)
  • Sending disclosure reminders
  • Review application / disclosures for accuracy and completeness

Document Indexing and Loan Set Up Support

We help you stack and index documents as per your lending checklists / guideline. This ensures your file is in the right order for easy and fast underwriter review. Our services include:

  • Split and index documents for easy access and retrieval
  • Order third-party documents / verifications (4506-T, verifications of employment / assets, appraisal, preliminary title report, flood certs, HOI etc.) and running Data Verify

Mortgage Processing Support

We meet your need for expeditious loan closure cycle by supporting you with a range of loan processing back office support services. Our services include:

  • Review borrower documents / check for file completeness & prepare the final submission package
  • Follow up, receive & carry out basic review of 3rd party documents (Title, Appraisal, HOI, VOE, Payoff etc)
  • Fulfill underwriting conditions related to third party documentation followed by submission for UW review
  • Request and review condition docs from all concerned parties

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Underwriting Support

Our support services for mortgage underwriting is designed to assist your underwriters have a fact-based view of the risks involved and ensure the associated costs of the risks are manageable. Our services include:

  • Review credit, income, appraisal & asset documents
  • Calculate income and DTI based on agency guidelines
  • Conduct underwriting file analysis, including the 4 Cs (Credit, Capacity, Capital and Collateral)
  • Review completed loan files to assess compliance with government / investor / company guidelines
  • Run files through Fraud Guard, Mavent & check for potential red flag
  • Add conditions in the LOS or provide a detailed finding report to Underwriters
  • Add conditions to loan file, receive clearing conditions from Onshore UW team and issue CTC

Pre-Closing and Closing Support

We assist you in meeting all pre-closing and closing requirements and back it with a detailed review to prevent closing with deficiencies such as inaccurate data and documentation. Our services include:

  • Reach out to settlement company for fee sheet
  • Add closing and funding conditions as required
  • Generate and send final closing disclosure for funding
  • Prepare and send the initial closing disclosures to settlement companies
  • Review all open conditions and ensure all underwriting conditions are signed off on

Post-Closing Audits and Shipping

Our post-closing services help you verify the accuracy of documentation as required by law and review the file for compliance with regulatory guidelines. Our services include:

  • Extract loan package and stack them in right order
  • Review the package for completeness & correctness
  • Upload singed documents to LOS
  • Prepare a shipping package as per investor preference
  • Ship the file to respective investors
  • Govt. insuring reviews

Handling Investor Condition

This service is geared towards helping you meet investor conditions accurately and on time. To that effect, we help you with the following:

  • Download conditions from investor website
  • Fulfill conditions for missing documents / information
  • Ensure all conditions are met in the shortest possible time
  • Reach out to Processors / Underwriters for conditions that require their support

Trailing Doc Support

With this service we help you get hold of all the docs that are missing from the loan file within 30 to 60 days after the loan closes. Our services include:

  • Review loan files for missing documents
  • Follow up on trailing docs
  • Receive, scan and upload them into lender LOS