Application Development and Support

Flatworld Mortgage has vast experience in developing a range of mortgage applications and providing application support services to mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions. Having built exceptional mortgage applications to streamline processes across devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet, we guarantee the best application experience across multiple channels. Besides, we help our clients seamlessly integrate the application into their existing systems and provide support for all future upgrades. Our clients have banked extensively on our application development and support services to improve outcome.

Our Key Mortgage App Development Services

SaaS and IaaS Web Applications

Incorporating SaaS and IaaS into the mortgage ecosystem vastly improves the efficiency of the stakeholders. Automated verification and compliance can easily be made part of the loan processing system with our web application services. We incorporate AI and ML into our solutions to make data analysis smarter and more organic. Our clients have leveraged our Saas and IaaS applications to create a seamless and secure mortgage processing workflow.

Mobile App Development Solutions

Next-generation mobile applications are being widely used for organizing mortgage workflows and realizing secure and timely transactions. We have vast experience in building mobile apps for mortgage loan processing. From checking credit scores to tracking mortgage loan applications in real-time, our next generation mobile apps have assisted our clients for making the process efficient

Mobile Widget Development

As mobile operating systems are highly evolving in nature, it's crucial to keep adding newer features to existing applications to stay in the race. Mobile widget development for mortgage processing applications leverages the functionalities of mobile operating systems to improve process effectiveness and user experience. Our mobile widget services help you implement live widgets for a range of needs including displaying impending due dates and transaction alerts.

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Application Support and Maintenance Services

Our maintenance and support services for mortgage applications ensures continuous and hitch-free functioning of applications. We offer uninterrupted technical support for fixing bugs, correcting errors, and enhancing apps when necessary. We provide upgrades on app versions and monitor the need for subsequent updates post an app release. Our maintenance services extend to routine application performance testing to ensure that the app features continue to enhance user experience.

Benefits of Our Application Development and Support Services

Our mortgage applications have helped our clients:

  • Collect essential information needed to facilitate a speedy mortgage application and approval process.
  • Minimize paperwork and increase time to revenue speed and customer service levels.
  • Simplify the document collection and review process and streamline communications with stakeholders
  • Improve borrower outreach with easy-to-navigate application features that enrich customer experience.
  • Increase the scope of processing multiple applications simultaneously, thereby reducing wait times for borrowers.
  • Finger-tip access to important information such as interest rates, checklists of documents, and common queries
  • Ready access to account information on dues and payments dates.