Services For Title Companies

A title company is responsible for coordinating mortgage transactions efficiently. Our end-to-end services for title companies is designed to assist them avoid mistakes and make transactions seamless. With the help of a cross-functional approach that entails extensive research on property ownership history and quality checks, we ensure complete accuracy of title reports. Our services have been availed by title companies to get quick and expansive insights into liens, judgement, taxes, levies, encroachments and even undisclosed easements.

Our End-to-End Mortgage Title Company Services

Title Searches

We carry out title search on behalf of title companies and assist them in preparing initial title report. We also review completed title reports to vet the chain of titles and identify discrepancies. Our services include:

  • Order and review current owner search i.e. the present title holder of the subject property and the latest deed with consideration.
  • Order and review two-owner search and full search i.e. all names in the chain of title
  • Examine details like judgments, liens, current tax status, open mortgages, and legal description
  • Examine search for home equity transactions, short sale, foreclosure auctions, and pre-tax auctions

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Commitment Search

With this service we assist title companies carry out meticulously review of all the schedules of a title commitment insurance, namely schedule A, Schedule B-1, and Schedule B-2. Our services include:

  • Collect and review data for commitments easements, restrictions, encumbrances, tax status
  • Understand the exceptions and determine whether any are unacceptable
  • Review policy endorsements

Settlement / Closing Support

We provide back office assistance to title companies for ensuring that the loan has the same terms as underwritten and approved for on the conditional commitment. In the process title companies can assist lenders with closing support within 90 days from issuance of conditional commitment. Our services include:

  • Reach out to settlement company for fee sheet
  • Add closing and funding conditions as required
  • Prepare and send closing instructions
  • Prepare and send the initial Closing Disclosureto the borrower
  • Review all open conditions and ensure all underwriting conditions are signed off on