LOS Administration Services for Mortgage Lenders

Flatworld Mortgage specializes in the administration of LOS platforms to meet the specific business needs of mortgage lenders. Our LOS administration solutions offer a single streamlined system to record the entire process from origination to post-closing. While designing workflows we take critical factors such as compliance, business models, and IT capabilities into account which is why we end up delivering a workflow that is comprehensive and integrated. Our clients have leveraged our solutions to realize quick long-term benefits.

Our End-to-End LOS Administration Service

Our customer-centric approach covers all critical aspects of the LOS administrative services. These include:

Workflow Design and Development

Our LOS Administration services include design and development of workflows that bring operational efficiencies.

Application and Processing

Our sophisticated solutions can put controls in place to eliminate errors while taking the application and/or processing the mortgage file.

Optimize Data Flow

Our LOS administration services help you streamline data flow to avoid repetitive keying of data.

Integrate Third Parties

We build API connectors to integrate the LOS with various third parties for a streamlined and efficient flow of data between systems.

Workflow Reengineering

We modify/rebuild existing workflows for better user experience as well as efficient and effective processing of Mortgages.

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Benefits of Our LOS Administration Solutions

Our clients have leveraged our LOS administration solutions to benefit in the following ways

  • Task simplification and demarcation to ensure all the stakeholders spend time and effort only on what's expected from them.
  • Better compliance and reduced errors because of in-built checks and balances within the system.
  • Up to 20% more productivity with efficient flow of data from one workflow to the other.
  • Better operational controls as regulatory and market changes can be adopted in the LOS much quicker.
  • Make real-time monitoring of the loan origination process possible with highest transparency from real time reporting.