Mortgage Underwriting Support

Flatworld Mortgage strengthens your underwriting and quality control practices by assisting you analyze the 4 Cs of the lending process and establishing basic controls in your underwriting process to ensure all requirements and conditions are met. Besides, we help you take all the measures needed to prevent fraud.

Strong underwriting is critical for your lending business. It stops loans from going into default and prevents your business from sliding into losses. To ensure this your underwriters need to have a strong understanding of the risk components of credit, capacity, capital and collateral. They must leverage this understanding to perform a deeper analysis of the loan file and sharply determine the borrower’s ability to repay.

Our Mortgage Underwriting Services

Our underwriting support services for lenders is designed to assist your underwriters have a fact-based view of the risks involved and ensure the associated costs of the risks are manageable. Our services include:

Review credit, income, appraisal & asset documents

We assist you look at your prospects credit score and pull their credit reports. Alongside, we order appraisal to make sure the loan amount matches with the homes actual value, verify employment, income and assets such as savings, stocks, personal property etc.

Compute DTI Based on Agency Guidelines

We assist you compute the debt-to-income ratio to evaluate a borrower’s ability to repay better. While computing the DTI figure, we consider all features such as payments for auto loans, student loans, personal loans, mortgages, alimony and child support, and credit cards.

Conduct Underwriting File Analysis – 4 Cs (Credit, Capacity, Capital and Collateral)

We help you find the correct answers to a borrower’s repaying capacity by analyzing their Credit, Capacity, Capital and Collateral. This involves a meticulous evaluation of credit history, obligations and assets and worth of the property to pay off the loan. We flag inconsistencies and follow-them up till we are satisfied.

Review Completed Loan Files to Assess Compliance with Government / Investor / Company Guidelines

We carry out an end-to-end review of completed loan files to ensure all federal and state compliance documents, including a re-calculation of critical statements. We customize our review program to suit your exact needs and implement it both on a pre-funding or post-closing basis.

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Run Files Through Fraud Guard, Mavent & Check for Potential Red Flag

We help you carry out a variety of system checks aimed at detecting all red flags and averting possible cases of fraud such as identity theft and other suspicious activities. In the process, we help you stay vigilant against fraud and also perform comprehensive due diligence.

Add Conditions in the LOS

Based on the review findings of the 4 Cs as well as other supporting documents, we come up with a list of conditions for the loan. We add those conditions in the LOS and issue a conditional approval.

Add Conditions to Loan File, Receive Clearing Conditions from Onshore UW Team and Issue CTC

Once we identify the shortcomings in a loan application,we enlist them as a set of conditions to be met before the final approval isissued. Once the onshore team gives a nod on the borrower meeting the conditions, we issue the CTC.

Know our Mortgage Underwriting Support Professionals

Our underwriting support professionals have a minimum of 3 years of experience in processing FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans, Conventional loans, RHS loans, Jumbo Loans and every type of loan in between. As a result, they are able to underwrite loans within the company and industry guidelines with great accuracy and speed. Besides underwriting loans, our professionals have vast experience in cash flow analysis and risk assessment. They are driven by a team comprising experts with over ten years of exposure to the US mortgage industry. We encourage all our professionals to develop and maintain an up to date and sound knowledge of multiple loan product guidelines offered by lenders, DU/LP guidelines, and risk assessment tools used to decision mortgage loans.