Mortgage Post-Closing QC Services

Flatworld Mortgage specializes in providing comprehensive post-closing solutions to lenders and credit unions. The service primarily includes complete audit of every mortgage loan file to ensure the file is complete and compliant. We bank on a detailed audit checklist to ensure the loan is in compliance with quality control guidelines provided by FHLMC, FNMA,VA, HUD and Rural Housing. Besides, we tailor the checklist to enclose all special documentation specific to your business.

Our End-to-End Post Closing QC Services

Our post-closing services entails the following

Retrieve Trailing Documents

We assiduously follow up with all third parties to get hold of trailing documents such as mortgage deeds, trusts, tax records, assignments, modifications, agreements, UCC records, liens, judgments etc. We do this to help you avert fines, late fees and penalties associated with the late delivery of final trailing documents.

Assemble Post-Closing Package

During this stage we collect and compile all the relevant documents submitted during the entire loan process cycle. After all documents are in filed in one place, our experts review the entire file for completeness and accuracy.

Data Integrity Audit

Our mortgage loan audits include ordering of field appraisals, title report, credit reports etc. and re-verification of the reports, followed by a complete review of the documents that support the underwriting decision. The integrity audit check also includes an end-to-end scrutiny of all closing documents.

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Prepare shipping package

Once the above stages are completed and the mortgage is successfully recorded, we ship the recorded mortgage and other documents to respective investors and the lender. The entire process is completed as per investor preference.

MERS Registration

Once the above steps are completed, we register all the cleared loans with MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System). With this service we ensure complete tracking rights and ownership of every mortgage loans.

Know Our Post-Closing Professionals

Our post- closing process is driven by experts with minimum 5 years of experience in handling US mortgage loans. They have thorough knowledge of investor/insuring conditions and so can track and follow up on file exceptions, review and address rebuttal responses and perform special audits as per procedures. All our professionals keep themselves updated onchanging underwriting guidelines and stay current with all industry regulations.