Mitigating Operational Risks with Efficient Mortgage Support Services

Flatworld Mortgage is committed to making mortgage processing more efficient and streamlined for lenders, banks and credit unions. We provide comprehensive support for all the critical stages of mortgage processing, which includes mortgage pre-processing, mortgage closing and mortgage post-closing. Besides, we provide top quality support and review services for Title and Appraisal Companies.

It is our mission to provide timely, accurate and complete support to enable you to process loans more efficiently. We use highly trained staff, proven processing methodologies, effective control systems and state-of-the-art technology while adhering to all the required regulatory and quality standards in the industry.


Our Vision

Flatworld aims to lead the it solutions industry with a tribe of possibilitarians delivering transformative growth through excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment, and thus becoming the preferred choice for clients, the ultimate talent destination, a trusted investment, and a community pillar.


Our Mission

By fostering an environment that believes in the power of possibilities and fired by a whatever-it-takes-drive, flatworld will provide resourceful it solutions to unlock growth for client businesses globally and enrich our employees, investors, and the communities we serve.

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  • Jacob

    Jacob William

    has over 25 years of experience in the outsourcing industry, with over 10 years in senior management position. His extensive experience in both operations and business development has helped us improve and streamline our service delivery capabilities.
  • David Antony

    David Antony

    COO & President
    has over 24 years of experience in the finance Industry, serving in various capacities such as account servicing, business development and profit centre head. A key leader of the business development team, David is responsible for understanding the needs of our clients and assisting them to make their investments pay off.
  • George Haung

    George Huang

    General Counsel
    has over 20 years of experience in advising companies and organizations on the legal aspects of their businesses’. With a background in business operations, as well as transactional, M&A, technology and corporate law, George looks after the litigation needs of our organization.
  • George Haung

    Nathalie Lemaire

    Vice President
    has over 20 years of professional experience in various areas of the financial service industry including underwriting, sales, loss mitigation, compliance & management. She possesses in-depth knowledge of wholesale and retail residential mortgage lending, encompassing a wide range of conventional conforming, non-conforming and government products.
  • George Haung

    Rajeev Kumar

    Vice President
    has over 12 years of experience across industries. Over the years, he has acquired a thorough understanding of the operational challenges faced by mortgage lenders and in finding ways to overcome them. Currently he is responsible for strategic planning and managing service delivery for our clients.

Why We Are Different

We are here today because of the following attributes:

  • We offer total commitment to Client Data Privacy
  • We ensure time-bound delivery
  • We keep ourselves abreast of evolving US Mortgage Laws
  • 24 hours operations
  • We tailor solutions by leveraging our expertise in US Mortgage processing
  • We guarantee competitive prices to the companies we work with, to ensure they save on expenses

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