Title Search Services

Flatworld Mortgage has vast expertise in delivering title search services that provide in-depth and appropriate insights into property history. We have assisted several title companies carry out title searches and validate searches to uncover flaws and inconsistencies. We specialize both short term and long-term searches covering a range of areas such as liens and judgements, mortgages, history of ownership, inheritance, bankruptcies, taxes etc. Our clients, which includes few well-known title companies bank on us to get error-free and actionable title search report.

Complete Process Flow of Title Search Services

We engage professionals who are dedicated to execute every step involved in our title search services to ascertain the authenticity of title documents. Our experts enlist all the recorded documents in a chronological way and list all encumbrances and liens. The steps that we follow are:

Chain of Title Search

We use maps that facilitate a vivid visualization of how a property witnessed change in ownership over time and the property was a part of a larger area. We do a sequential assembling of historical title transfers from the erstwhile owner to the present owner.

Tax Search

After the completion of the chain of title search, we look into the the current real estate tax scenario against the property in question. We keep a close look on the details on whether a tax is updated or is overdue as any instance of overdue taxes create a lien against a property. Our robust tax search service aids to reveal the existence of special assessments against the property.


We furnish an examination report to register any instance of encroachment or other factors that can have serious implications on the title. To achieve this, we conduct a closer inspection of the property to cross-check its area and unearth other easement evidence that were unrecorded and identify areas of improvement.

Name and Judgment Search

We conduct this process to reveal any unsettled judgements in the form of a lien, overdue federal taxes, among others. These unsettled judgements create rights that are ahead of a buyer’s or a lender’s right on the property. We ensure a proper execution of this step to reveal disputes before it creates defects in the title.


Post identifying all the possible defects in a property's title, we initiate the transaction closure on the property. After this step, we process a commitment to insure.

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Know Our Title Search Services Experts

Our team comprises title search experts with considerable exposure to title chain examination and report preparation outlining title-related matters. We bank on their end to end knowledge of assessment, taxes, deeds, deeds of trust, liens, judgments to deliver the most accurate search reports. Their knowledge on common title application tools like NETR Online, LandTech, DataTrace, DataTree, Title Express, TitlePoint etc; attention to details and decision-making skills helps them identify the most relevant documents and extract pertinent information from them.