Document Indexing and Loan Setup Services

Flatworld Mortgage leverages a well-defined document indexing and loan set up services to assist lenders speed up their loan closure cycles. We index, scan and review all loan application and associated documents with our in-built automation tool MSuite to ensure accuracy, transparency and timely processing. Our standardized indexing and setup services have assisted our clients reduce operations costs and speed up time to market.

Our Comprehensive Indexing and Loan Setup Services

Document indexing

With this service we sort documents to extract required fields before sending them to service platform, LOS, or reconciling system. We bank on our advanced OCR-based in-built tool MSuite to index documents and extract data with accuracy and speed.
Our indexing services include:

Receive and Process Forms

In this step we receive paper files and documents, review them and prepare the entire file for scanning. Forms and docs such as 1003, pay stubs, W-2 forms, credit evaluation reports etc. are scanned and stacked in the file in the right order.

Index and Name Pages

We index and name documents based on standard naming conventions and indexing procedures. We bank on our automated tool MSuite to complete index values for each page and create a complete “file” in the viewing software. MSuite helps in reducing document indexing costs without affecting data quality.

Automated Data Capture

This process consists of capturing and extracting data from loan documents and uploading it in the LOS. We leverage our in-house software MSuite to automate textual data extraction and identify areas where information is missing.

Make Files Editable and Searchable

A key aspect of our indexing service is applying filters to the loan files so that lenders can close in on specific borrower information in the portfolio. This makes it easier for lenders to modify and track real-time changes on borrower information.

Generate Document Summary

With this service we create a comprehensive summary of mortgage portfolios. This helps lenders get a bird’s eye view of all mortgage accounts and track their movement across different stages of the mortgage loan process.

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Loan Setup Services

Our loan setup services are designed to help the processing team gather documents and information necessary for making informed and sound lending decisions. We tailor our services to adapt to specific requirements so that you get a customized experience.
Our services include:

Loan Document Management

With this service we manage all the documents needed for processing a file on behalf of the lender. These include income statements, tax transcripts, certificate of eligibility, purchase agreements, home insurance policy updates and insurance documentation.

Loan Packaging and Review

Our team reviews the application and all associated documents and readies the loan file package for processing. We review documents for accuracy. In case of any inconsistency or missing information we flag before the lender.

Order Third Party Items

We order third party items such as appraisal report, title report etc. on behalf of the lender and review them for accuracy. Our review helps uncover issues such as ownership details, unpaid taxes, lawsuits, as well establish true property valuation.

Fraud Review

Our fraud review services are tailored to spot inconsistencies in forms, disclosures and other documents made with the intent of committing a fraud. These include concealment of a material fact or misrepresentation of truth to mislead the loan processor.