MSuite Automation

MSuite is an intelligent OCR based tool built to automate several mortgage back-office processes including document indexing, data extraction and manual stare & compare. Equipped to handle different documents types including unstructured documents, it integrates seamlessly with leading Loan Origination Systems and can be customized to fit unique workflows. The tool can be further used to automate parts of Mortgage Underwriting. It reviews Credit, Income and Asset of borrowers to give lenders an upfront view of whether or not the loan is worth further processing.

MSuite Automation Platform

MSuite can be used to automate a range of mortgage processing tasks. These include:

  • Document indexing – disclosure package, third party docs, closing package from settlement companies
  • Loan pre-qualification- Up front review of Income, Asset and Credit
  • Data extraction and validation; reporting exceptions
  • Document submission and verification

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MSuite Use Cases

MSuite has been extensively used to process loans for lenders and credit unions. The tool has:

  • Automated QC process (validating 100+ data points in 15 documents) for 3000 loans per month
  • Automating Income, Asset and Credit reviews for 1000+ loans per month (solution implementation in progress)
  • Automated UDN Process for 4000+ loans per month
  • Automated Indexing of 1Million+ pages per month
  • Automating Appraisal order and Appraisal upload process

MSuite Implementation Stats

As an advanced automation tool, MSuite helps to:

  • Extract pre-defined data from up to 1000+ data points from 30+ documents
  • Ensure up to 60% cost savings compared to manual cost of operations
  • Process several million pages of mortgage documents every month
  • Identify 450+ types of documents
  • Guarantees 98%+ accuracy