System Integration Solutions for Mortgage

Flatworld Mortgage has wide experience in providing end-to-end system integration in the mortgage industry for enhanced mortgage experience. Our developers leverage the most advanced tools and technology to integrate third party systems and databases with your loan origination system to simplify the way you handle your end-to-end loan processing needs. Our clients leverage our future-ready integrative solutions to take big strides towards operational excellence.

Our System Integration Services Framework

Data Merging and Propagation

Bringing together data from multiple sources is the first step of our integration services. We create a consolidated database by extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data onto an integrated system. As different databases store data in different formats, we ensure the harmonization of the transformed data formats. Synchronous and asynchronous data propagation between source and target location is also part of our integration services.

Enterprise Application Integration

Our enterprise application integration (EAI) services can be opted to bridge the communication gaps between different enterprise applications. We help you curb administrative delays and improve your decision-making processes with custom mortgage system integration services. Analysis of cross-talks between individual enterprise applications helps generate key business insights using BI tools.

API Integration Services

Our API integration solutions help to smoothen out the task of keeping multiple systems working together in sync. Synchronization of data across systems boosts data integrity and helps in creating an error-free and efficient process. Our services offer integration of existing business systems and third-party APIs so that data harvesting and feature sharing between applications can occur without interruptions.

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Benefits of Our System Integration Solution

Our clients have leveraged our system integration to benefit in the following ways

  • Get quick access to quality data sources for improved lending decisions.
  • Respond to qualified applicants faster and up the quality of loans serviced.
  • Reduce application processing time and process more applications in less time.
  • Make lending decisions consistent; with careful and standardized evaluation of subprime applicants.
  • Optimally structure loans based on proper borrower segmentation.
  • Replace manual steps and reduce transaction costs.