Technology Solutions for Mortgage

Flatworld Mortgage specializes in delivering differentiated technology solutions and services to the US mortgage industry. We blend our domain expertise with strong technology capabilities to develop solutions that provide fast and seamless digital experiences to meet the evolving challenges of the mortgage industry. Our solutions guarantee sustained business value, because we integrate game-changing technologies, industry-best practices, and robust processes to deliver solutions that specifically address the core issues of a problem.

Our End-to-End Technology Solutions

LOS Administration

We specialize in Administration of various lending platforms (LOS) to assist you in creating an efficient workflow to handle end-to-end loan processing needs. We leverage core features and functionalities of your LOS to optimize origination work-flows. Our solutions include:

  • Work-flow design and development
  • Adding/editing specific forms within the LOS to accommodate process specific needs
  • Optimizing flow of data within the LOS to avoid repetitive data entry
  • Building hard stops to data validation to ensure accuracy and compliance
  • User credentials and access rights management
  • Resolving file/process specific errors

System Integration

Our developers specialize in integrating various (internal of third-party) tools to the LOS to enhance productivity and quality of operations. Our end-to-end integration services for the mortgage industry includes:

  • Data integration services across disparate applications; file formats and database systems
  • Enterprise application integration across critical business platforms such as analytics, BI etc
  • API integration services to integrate open-source, custom-built, and third-party APIs that enable automation for Flood Cert, Appraisals, Work Number, Credit Report and various other 3rd party interactions

Application Development & Support

Our developers have expertise in developing web and mobile applications to simplify mortgage processes for employees and customers alike. From enterprise application development to cross platform application development, we have developed a range of apps to meet business specific needs. Our application development solutions for the mortgage industry includes:

  • SaaS & IaaS Web application development solutions
  • Mobile application development solutions (Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin)
  • Mobile widget development
  • Mobile web app development
  • Application support and maintenance services

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IT Help Desk Solutions

We provide and end-to-end solution for IT Help Desk. Besides managing IT tickets we also have wide experience in designing, setting up and managing help desk facilities to enable our mortgage clients handle internal requests and third party collaboration seamlessly. Our services include:

  • Design & develop custom help desk solutions
  • Integrate modules from third-party vendors including video streaming APIs
  • Handle and resolve all IT tickets/requests
  • Managing servers and IT infrastructure

Automation Solutions

Our Automation solutions help you leverage technology to streamline your mortgage processes and enable greater business productivity. We leverage game changing technologies such as Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, RPA Bots, OCR/ICR and Cognitive Intelligence to originate, close and service loans faster and with greater accuracy. We have helped our clients develop tools to:

  • Automate data entry, data extraction and data validation with OCR
  • Document indexing and classification
  • Manage fraud real-time with Machine Learning algorithms
  • Proactively identify threats with Artificial Intelligence
  • Get superior customer insights with AI-driven Business Intelligence solutions

Know Our Mortgage Technology Experts

Our mortgage technology experts include software developers, system engineers, data scientists and analysts, and programmers and testers. All our have extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry’s technical landscape and so can build solutions for your specific line of business. They have developed a range of tech solutions for banks, mortgage lenders, brokers, credit unions and GSCs and so can develop the most effective solutions for your business needs.