Appraisal Services

We have years of experience in providing high-value appraisal services with great efficiency, accountability, and transparency. Our reviewers have the expertise to review all residential reports, spot inconsistencies and resend it for corrections, before forwarding the final report to the lender. We commit ourselves to regulatory compliance which is why we always conform to all laws pertaining to appraisal including USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).

Appraisal Order
and Follow Up Services

We order appraisals on behalf of the lenders and mortgage appraisal support company. We help you get in touch with the appraisers with the requirements, schedule the appraisal, get the property inspected, and follow up with appraisers for submitting the report on time.

Place appraisal orders with AMCs/Independent Appraisers and coordinate with them
Schedule property inspection and monitor the overall process to get the appraisal done in time
Follow up with appraisers till the report gets submitted

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Appraisal Review

Our mortgage appraisal process ends with an expert review of the report. After receiving the report, we conduct an initial review for accuracy and consistency. This is followed by an expert review for compliance with all applicable guidelines (USPAD & UAD). Besides, the review also takes the lender guidelines into account. Our review services are designed to ensure:

  • Review appraisal reports and identify red flags based on agency guidelines and CU findings
  • Sign off on all Conv appraisals with CU scores less than 4
  • Submit findings to AMC / Lender's in-house appraisal underwriters for VA, FHA, USDA and Conv appraisals with the CU score of 4 or above