Third Party Originator Services

Flatworld Mortgage Solutions has wide experience in assisting Third Party Originators (TPO) with end-to-end mortgage origination support services. From gathering the necessary paperwork to determining borrower qualifications to matching borrowers to the right loans, we have assisted wholesale lenders and other financial institutions (credit unions and banks) facilitate loan originations for their customers. Our services have been designed to ensure that the origination process complies with consumer protection and fair lending requirements

Our End-to-End TPO Services

Document Indexing & Loan Set Up Services

We collect acknowledged loan documents for loan processing. We also leverage modern day technology like OCR to handle all document indexing needs. Our services include:

  • Order third party documents such as 4506-T, verifications of employment / assets, appraisal, preliminary title report, flood certs, HOI etc
  • Assemble a complete and accurate file for submission considering loan program, borrower profile, agency guidelines and specific lender overlays
  • Categorize and digitize form 1003, W-2 forms, pay stubs and credit check reports etc
  • Classify documents for better maintenance of files with the help of in-built automation tool MSuite

Disclosure Support

This stage involves reviewing the initial disclosure docs within 72 hours of signing a loan application. The objective is to ensure the program-specific disclosures are accurate. Our services include:

  • Generate LE (Loan Estimate) and send out initial disclosures
  • Review application / disclosures for accuracy and completeness

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Underwriting Support

Our mortgage underwriting support process, analyzes mortgage loans, evaluates applicant credit worthiness, assess applicant risk class, price the loan at par with market rates etc. Our services include

  • Review completed loan files to assess compliance with government / investor / company guidelines
  • Conduct underwriting file analysis, including the 4 Cs (Credit, Capacity, Capital and Collateral)
  • Add conditions in the LOS or provide a detailed finding report to Underwriters
  • Calculate income and DTI based on agency guidelines
  • Run automated underwriting systems (DU/LP)
  • Carry out fraud guard review

Pre-Purchase Review Audits

Our experts have sound knowledge of lending practices, lending guidelines, and relevant regulations. Therefore, they flag inconsistencies and provide recommendations with great precision. Our services include:

  • Determine the rating of deficiencies found in loan file
  • Assess completeness of loan file prior to releasing loan for funding
  • Carry out a full credit review of files to make sure agency and investor guidelines are met
  • Review loan files to verify accuracy of both purchase and refinance transactions prior to Closing / Funding (FHA / VA / Conv / USDA)