Title Commitment Preparation Services

Flatworld Mortgage specializes in assisting title companies review commitment reports to ensure a title is free from doubts and defects and hence completely marketable. We have assisted several title companies check the nitty gritty of a document to ensure their clients can close transactions in a safe manner and in short turnaround times. Our end-to-end services are designed to helpour clients understand the insurer's obligations under a title commitment and assist them get the correct insurance endorsements.

Our Comprehensive Title Commitment Services

Review Search Results

We provide reviews of search documents for title companies prior to preparing a commitment to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the search. We rigorously follow the guidelines to search reviews so that all possible defects are identified and resolved before proceeding for the final closure. Our search review process encompasses:

  • Reviewing of Chain of Title Report
  • Obtaining copies of all documents in the Chain of Title Report
  • Reviewing Judgment and Lien Reports
  • Raising Exceptions when Possible Judgements are revealed
  • Collecting Personal Information Affidavits
  • Accurate Real Estate Tax Information Collection

Review and Ready Commitment

We collect, organize and annotate search review documents to ensure they appear in the order in which they should appear in the commitment preparation process. The two important subsections of the commitment, Schedule A and Schedule B, receive a special eye to detail in our services.

For subsection Schedule A, we prepare and review information pertaining to

  • The effective date of the Commitment
  • The proposed insureds (purchaser and lender)
  • Policy to be issued
  • The proposed amount of insurance
  • Details of the parties with their interest in the property
  • Complete legal description of the property

For subsection Schedule B, the following action items are raised and reviewed by our experts

  • Obtaining a copy of the Power of Attorney if any party is using a POA
  • Verification of signing authority if any of the parties involved is a Business Entity
  • Release of Deed of Trust or Letter of Indemnity in the case of multiple deeds of Trust
  • Obtaining and verifying information in case of Federal Tax Liens or Judgements
  • Record of the Death Certificate(if one party has passed away) in lieu of the other party signing the warranty deed
  • Owner's Policy on Vacant Land
  • Enlist and review the standard and special exceptions to the title.

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Commitment Preparation Instructions

While completing the Commitment Preparation Instructions (CPI) form, we use search results and prior title evidence to prepare the Commitment as desired. We ensure a complete and correct CPI form to avoid delays caused by clarification requests. Our experts pay special attention to cross-verification of CPI details for timely Commitment Preparation.

Issuing the Commitment

Post Commitment Preparation, we issue the original commitment to all proposed insureds along with the following set of documents:

  • Invoice for Title Charges
  • Privacy Policy Notice
  • Disclosure Statement Controlled Business Arrangement
  • Contact details, instructions of how to schedule a closing, and other requisite closure related information.
  • Disclosure of the title agent's financial interest and the estimate of charges

Modifying an Issued Commitment

Our services include modification of Commitments that have already been issued. These modifications are handled using the Date Down Endorsement process instead of issuing new A & B Schedules. This allows the parties to keep track of the changes and avoid any confusion regarding the currently effective schedules.

Know our Title Commitment Experts

Our team comprises experts with vast experience in reviewing commitment report section by section. They have a great understanding of insurers obligations, analyzing surveys, reviewing schedules, resolving common defects and obtaining endorsements. Besides, they are experts in the title mark-up process that involves verifying legal ownership of properties, validating title records, highlighting remaining title issues that may apply and performing other administrative duties.